Scott Rasmussen

scott rasmussen

You'd be hard pressed to find another person as innovative as Scott Rasmussen (@ScottWRasmussen) who in addition to his professional success, is also so humble.

Scott is a digital media entrepreneur, co-founder of ESPN, founder and former president of Rasmussen Reports, founder and president of, and a New York Times bestselling author to boot.

Yet when asked about his life, he'd much rather tell you of his love for the beach, being a father, and the latest Beatles tune he learned on guitar.

In this episode we delve into Scott's beginnings as an umbrella boy on the Jersey Shore, to some of his treasured years sportscasting for the Hartford whalers, and his passions and processes that led to ESPN, Rasmussen Reports, and now It's also fitting that in this first episode of Teacher Ate My Homework, our guest...well let's just say, school was not his favorite form of time consumption.


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Show Notes

How George and Scott know each other [3:42]

Scott's very first job [4:00]

Scott's beginnings in sportscasting for the Whalers at 20 years old [10:20]

Single best night of Scott's professional life [11:20]

Scott's feelings towards structure and school [15:00]

Beginning's of ESPN [17:42]

Why Scott was happy to be free of ESPN [20:05]

Going back to college [22:17]

Setting up a business while raising a family [23:20]

What led Scott to become involved in the political world [27:50]

How being detached from politics gave Scott a valuable alternative perspective [29:15]

The core of being an entrepreneur [30:30]

Cheryl pitches her business idea to Scott [31:01]

Scott's idea for a genius Star Trek themed beer in Iceland [31:40]

Scott's creative process [33:25]

How to look for investors and why the most logical options often aren't [40:40]

Quote of the podcast [42:30]

Scott talks about his newest company [42:47]

Scott's favorite President and Athlete [46:10]

Where does Scott get his news from [48:02]

Scott's morning routine [50:05]

Paul (McCartney) or John (Lennon) [55:42]

How Scott views the process of mentorship [57:39]

If Scott were going to die in the next 15 minutes what would he do [59:09]

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Hosted by Cheryl Mowczan & George Robson

Guest: Scott Rasmussen

Portrait taken by Cheryl Mowczan

Music by George Robson