John McCaslin

What is it like to be in a Central American warzone?

How does one raise a daughter while being a travel journalist?

Is House of Cards anything like reality?

If these are questions you've been asking yourself (or your uncle Jack who never seems to give you an appropriate answer)...then you'd better check out our conversation with John McCaslin!

John is an award winning Journalist, Radio Broadcaster and book Author. He is the former co-anchor of America’s Morning News and author of Weed Man and Inside the Beltway which shares its name with his widely read daily column for The Washington Times and Chicago Tribune syndicate.  He's been a regular on MSNBC, Fox News Channel, C-SPAN, and VH1 (when that was a thing). He's also been a panelist on NPRs "Weekend Edition Sunday," and became popular as a substitute host for Rush Limbaugh. He was also a Former White House correspondent under President Reagan. Most recently he’s acted as Content Guru for

When you make a living as a storyteller you get pretty good at it after awhile and John is no exception! So sit back, relax, and listen to a few yarns from our guest today.

This was the very first podcast we recorded so the audio is not quite as svelte (not the right word) as some of our other episodes but we encourage you to bear with us because the strength John's conversation is well worth it the listen.


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Show Notes

How publishing has changed in recent years [3:00]

Why John's always been a critic of journalism as an industry [5:00]

Broadcasting vs. Writing [7:50]

Growing up in Virginia near DC [9:00]

Jeremiah O'Leary getting John into Journalism [10:00]

From Whitefish, Montana to the White House [11:50]

John talks about whether or not House of Cards is anything like the real Washington DC [13:00]

John talks about whether or not there was a set path from local journalism to the White House [18:50]

How John proved himself after becoming a White House correspondent [21:00]

What led John out to Montana after graduating college [23:00]

John's resume hack when he was right out of college [25:45]

John covering the Contra wars in Nicaragua [29:00]

John on the importance of getting your facts straight before publishing [34:00]

John reveals that he and Bill Clinton are distant cousins [38:00]

John explains "Pool Reporting" [41:30]

One of John's favorite stories he's ever covered [44:00]

How John balanced journalism while raising his daughter as a single parent [52:50]

Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and Chris Rock walk into a bar...not a joke [59:00]

How John's rule on whether or not to publish a story [1:04]

Prepping for the Presidential election with [1:10]

Do you work better with coffee or alcohol [1:13]

The class that had John living in a Tipi for a year [1:17]

John's morning routine [1:19]

What would John do if he only had 15 minutes left to live [1:21]


People, Places, and Things mentioned

Weed Man

Inside the Beltway

Jeremiah O'Leary

House of Cards

Contra War in Nicaragua

Bill Clinton

Ronald Reagan

Kevin Spacey



Hosted by Cheryl Mowczan & George Robson

Guest: John McCaslin

Portrait taken by Cheryl Mowczan

Music by George Robson